Friday, October 28, 2011

New Blogs

I'm always on the hunt for more charcuterie and locavore blogs. Here's some more that I happened upon...

Salt Sense, Rulhman

Enjoy exploring! Start your own food adventures :)

here's some links for myself on curing techniques i want to try...
Fiocco, Sausage debauchery Blog
Fiocco, Cured Meats Blog
South African Biltong, made without the use of curing salts, just rock salt!

Any meats you're itching to try to make at home?

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  1. I think we'll get along just fine...I dream about this stuff. In October I received a 300 lb tamworth hog from a local organic farm. I've been having a blast with this thing from seam butchery down to the salumi processing. You can see the recent stuff I've done on my blog but next up:
    Cinnamon/orange dried sausage
    Portuguese chorizo
    I have a coppa curing in the fridge now
    Deer hot dogs
    and my freezer is packed with other cuts to play with. Between the pig and the deer we harvested in November, Ill be busy all year.