From the Hearth Baking and Catering

Specializing in Seasonal Menus using Locally Sourced Ingredients

Debra Krause of From the Hearth Baking and Catering will bring a local touch to your special event or your home. She will bring prepared food to serve at your event or do the preparation as well as service at your event space, but one of her true joys is to cook for you and your guests right in your own kitchen! She'll even do the dishes.

As many ingredients as possible are sourced from right here in Central Alberta, bought directly from the farmer. In order to give these quality ingredients the professional treatment they deserve, she has learned artisan skills such as cheese making, sausage making, French pastry baking and bread baking -- and does them all in a home kitchen.

From the Hearth Baking and Catering can provide your small event with plated dinners, buffet-style meals, family brunches, afternoon tea socials, soup and sandwich lunches, dessert buffets, cocktail bites, or that special birthday cake. All food will be sure to leave your guests happy and buzzing about it for weeks afterwards!

Spring has arrived!
As the sun slowly starts to warm the gardens, and we start seeing more green, our thoughts begin to turn to away from heavy braised meats and starchy vegetables to young asparagus and fresh herbs.
As the chickens get more sunshine and they have more bugs and fresh grass to eat, they start to lay more, and better, eggs. Calves and lambs are seen running in the fields... All are sure signs of Spring!

This time of year includes the “in-between” stage of local eating, as well as the freshest greens that spring can offer us.
The in-between stage is where some of the root vegetables kept in the cold room all winter may have gone bad or run out. The freezer stock of vegetables and fruits may be running low, but it's not quite time yet for even the earliest of spring eating. The last of the year's meats are used up in comforting roasts, and we dream about the fresh greens that are almost upon us...

Then suddenly spring is fully upon us. We find young dandelion greens and fresh herbs in the first salad of the year! Fiddleheads, morels and ramps are foraged and sauteed to have with homemade pasta and warming soups, because the nights still get a little chilly. Gone are the heavy breads, replaced by lighter flatbreads to accompany salads. Salmon has been in chilly waters all winter making them firm and succulent, rhubarb or maple syrup make their way into all the desserts, while young sweet peas, fava beans and crisp radishes are the stars of the vegetable dishes.

Here's an example menu for 20 people at $23/plate (plated dinner)*
Gravlax (cured salmon) on Herbed Goat Cheese and Puff Pastry Shells
Baby Greens Salad with Buttermilk Dressing
Spring “Lasagna” with Ramps, Spinach and Mushrooms, Dilly Ricotta and Creamy Parmesan Sauce.
             Served with Grilled Chicken.
Honey Angel Food Cake with Rhubarb Compote and Whipped Cream
* Price includes a commercial kitchen rental for 1 day. There is a reduced cost if the meal is prepared in your home kitchen or if you have already paid for the cost of the kitchen with a hall rental. The price does not include any additional equipment rentals.
About Debra Krause
Debra worked in bakeries for four years prior to starting her family.
She has a passion for food that has driven her to take an interest in advocating for local foods and preserving the rich cultural and heritage foods of her area.
Debra has taken an Alberta-Approved Food Safety course and all certification is up-to-date.
She is currently working on getting Pro-Serve liquor certification as well.