Best Bloggers

Folks from Alberta That Keep Me Inspired!
Kevin Kossowan: The man who does it all!
Valerie Lugonja, A Canadian Foodie: Explorer. Event Guru.
Allan Suddaby, Button Soup: Cook. Nomad.
The Kitchen Magpie: "Ooohhhh, SHINY!" Baking Goddess.
John Schneider, Gold Forest Grains: Farmer, Organic. GREAT products!
Dine with Draxa: Gluten Free and Cooking From Scratch.
The Ghetto Gourmand: Ph.D. Climber. Lover of Food. Circus Enthusiast. Mother-to-be.
Phil, The Baconhound!
Amy Beaith, Urban Food Preserver: The woman behind OFRE.
OFRE, Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton
Much To Do About Cheese: Cheesemaking at home, Brilliant!
Marlow Moo: Cow. Eating Enthusiast. Hold the feeb.
Only Here For The Food
Dinner with Julie
Jennifer CK, Food and the City
Food Happy
ACME Meat Market: A great butcher is a cooks best friend!
Mo-Na Foods: Mushrooms, Wild Rice, Berries and MORE!

Bloggers from Across Canada
Amy Bronee: Cook. Photographer. Loving Mom.
Ethan Adeland, Tastes Better With Friends: Deliciousness from the West Coast
Well Preserved: A post a day!
Bridget's Green Living: Eco Friendly Advice

World-Wide Resources
Salty Seattle, she makes food VERY sexy ;)
North West Edible Life
The Kitchn
Sustainable Eats
Fat of the Land, Adventures of a 21st Century Explorer

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog, great read! Your description of Moo made me giggle! Thanks for the mention!