Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Shop! and a bit of a rant...

While cruising 50th Street here in E-town I discovered a new shop...

Dutch Treats, Farm Fresh Meats

They carry a wide range of meats, including organic, and because most of their meat products are from their farms in TwoHills and Vegreville they're 100mile friendly!

In addition to imported Dutch treats and the butcher mart, they have a cheese and deli meat case to select from.

The farm in Vegreville also processes farm and wild game. Useful for all the hunters out there.

There prices are comparable to those at the famers markets, a little more expensive than that of major grocery chains and supermarts.

But we all know what that is, right? It costs more to raise food ethically. It costs more when it's farmer direct and free-range and organic because it takes more time and effort.
But it is very important that we support our local farmers. When we buy from them direct, or from their store front, then more money goes back to them and thus back into our economy.
They have a better standard of living (both the animals and the farmers) and we get better food and nutrition.

Sure, we pay a little more. But if you shop smart, but bulk more often and freeze or preserve for year round supply then you can bring those costs down.

Of course, if you follow the Canadian Food Guide then you also realize how much we as a culture over eat.

Think in terms of Quality over Quantity. Smaller substantial meals over empty caloric over-indulgent binges.

Which kinda ties into my rant...

I'm currently 32wks preggo and have been at home on medical leave since the beginning of May. Let's just say i watch a LOT more tv now than I have in a very long time!

There are currently 2 commercials running, both for fast-food chains, that state, "If you order from us you get good food and are able to spend more time doing things with your family!"


How about you COOK good food WITH and FOR your family, thus giving them proper nutrition and teaching them valuable life skills.

What those commercials really mean is, "You're so busy with your over scheduled life that you know you don't have time or energy to prepare and eat real food so just call us instead!"

With the huge boom in foodies and culinary enrollment through the roof you'd figure that more people would be interested in slowing down and enjoying life rather than just racing through it trying to "be the best" or "get the most out of life by DOING the most and HAVING the most "stuff" "????


as we prepare for our first born both my partner and I have a clear vision of how we want to raise our children and WHERE we want to raise our children. And what do you know, it's VERY similar to how our parents raised us!

What does that say for the majority of the future?? I cry a little inside thinking about it...

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