Saturday, April 23, 2011


I love cheese!! And really, who doesn't? Even if you can't eat cheese (lactose and whatnot) you still love the idea of it. Admit it :)

Here are some artisanal cheese makers from right here in Alberta. Their websites will tell you where you can go to pick up their products...

Smokey Valley Goat Cheese, Smoky Lake Alberta (North of Edmonton)

The Cheesiry, Lloydminster Alberta (East of Edmonton)

Harvest Haven Health, Lethbridge Alberta (South of Calgary)

Now, while I know where I can go to get artisan cheeses with a MADE IN ALBERTA stamp on them, there's nothing quite like trying to make it yourself... which is one of my goals for this summer. My aunt is trying it as well. We'll see who has the best cheese!! :D

Here are some excellent resources if you're going to attempt cheesemaking yourself...

Danlac Canada, Airdrie Alberta (North of Calgary)

The Cheesemaker, Wisconsin

Cheesemaking Supply Company, New England

Making Cheese at Home, University of Guelph Ontario

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