Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coldrooms and Curing Cellars

My cellar is now empty.
The chorizo didn't -quite- dry to the centre. It was just that little bit moist... but it was 95% perfect! not bad for a first try. Could've been better had I been able to fix my humidity issue.

Damn humidity.

The sausages I'm keeping whole, but freezing. Then I can take them out to use on pizza, in pasta, etc once thawed. They're quite tasty :)

I'm going to change out my shelves for something with less wood. Yes, I was hoping to keep the wood in to help regulate the moisture levels and give the good molds something to cling too (used moisture resistant paint and drywall to discourage bad molds), though I suppose the good molds would be happy to grow on the cement block wall. I guess. Can't say I really know what molds think...

Once the new shelves are in, AND the humidity is where it needs to be, the peperone will be going in. And a cheese. I've been DIEING to try my hand at an aged cheese!

Thankfully the weather has been nice. Normally I'm cursing this global-warming but I need to be able to work in the yard to get wood cut and the basement window panel put in so we can run cold air/warm air exchange ducts to the cellar and coldroom.

That's what I'll be doing this New Years weekend.

What's everyone else's exciting plans?

*see you in the future!*

** a link on salts. curing salts mostly. **

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