Friday, March 23, 2012

Foraging Adventures 2012

Over the past couple months I've been trying to quietly trying to see how many people were interested in spending a day tramping around the bush learning about edible plants, local wildlife, etc.

I gathered some names, sent out a facebook message.  Then, I sent out a tweet to see if anyone else out there would be interested...

Well, there's enough people to move ahead with phase2!

Here's the proposed dates (sat OR sun) for adventuring:
Spring Forage: May 12th or 13th
Summer Forage: July 14th or 15th
Fall Forage: Sept 15th or 16th

It will be 3 different sites, but all are about 1hr north of Edmonton. We can arrange carpooling for those without wheels :)
It is a full day outing, starting at 9am and going until 7pm (or whenever the potluck supper wraps up)

Here's what you need to bring:

As with any all-day outing, you'll need proper clothing. Preferably things you can layer. Plus outerwear for rain, just in case.
Remember that we are going through the bush, wear long pants (or bring a pair to change into).
Waterbottle. Refillable is perfect. We'll have potable water sources :)
Proper footwear! Sturdy shoes/hiking boots. You can bring sandals for wearing later.
Edible Plant and Mushroom ID books. If you don't have any, don't worry. There will be enough of us there with books, we can share.
Pails and baskets for collecting in. Brown paper sandwich/lunch bags are a must if you're going to be collecting mushrooms for id-ing (to minimize contamination).
Bring a bag lunch. We'll go out in the morning, have a bag lunch either in the bush or at homebase, go back out in the afternoon and then do a potluck (+ foraged) dinner with our hosts.
Potluck item. It can be pre-made or need cooking. We'll have fridge, stove, firepit, bbq access.

I'll create a list of what's in season to take with us so we have something to focus on at first.
Feel free to do your own research and create a list of things you'd like to find.
Unless there is a prolific amount of something, we probably won't be picking too much - just enough to taste at the potluck.
There will be high bush cranberries, blueberries, rose hips, etc in season during one of the outings. We'll be able to take at least enough home for a pie (or jam or jelly) :)

Registration opens April 16th. Limited spots available!
Children are welcome to come. If they're over 12yrs old then they count as a participant.

When registration opens I'll do a post and that will be updated as spots fill up.

What items are on your foraging list?


  1. This sounds just wonderful! And you are in my old stopping grounds. I am from Redwater and have lived out in the country where you will be. Lots of great areas out there to go mushroom picking. And in the summer/fall there is some nice areas for wild blueberries. By Clyde someplace... It is a bit of a secret, my friend always fills many ice cream pails. Gosh I may have to join you, it sounds like a fantastic time!

    1. You got me! I'm a Thorhild girl. My mom works in Redwater and my dad in Westlock.
      Yes, come on out :) It's looking to be a girls day out so far lol

  2. My family ran the auction business out of Redwater. (Prodaniuks)

    My husband in from Thorhild. And we lived out on Hwy 831 for many years. My daughter went to school in Newbrook before we moved up here.

    I will definitely put it on my calander. Sounds like a road trip could be in order!

    1. The date of this trip has been changed to May19th. Check out the new events tab to see details!