Monday, July 30, 2012

Wild Saskatoons and Roast Beast

On saturday we all went out to the farm to celebrate my sister Kristy and my birthdays!
We're 29(+3) and 26 respectfully ;)

Kristy and our Uncle Marty butchered Sweet Potato's brother (he didn't have a real name lol) friday night. They didn't keep the head on (no sweet cheek meat for me :( ) and I have no idea if they salted/brined it overnight.

He went into the roaster that Marty and Calvin (a family friend) built 6 or 8 yrs ago. Calvin uses every year with his family.  We trusted in him to do the pig roast that day :)

Before we feasted I picked saskatoons at my parent's acreage. They have two different varieties, a smaller one and a larger one.  I do not know the names, sorry.  The smaller one I'm pretty sure is a wild one while the larger one is probably a cultivated one that went wild.
Probably a cultivated saskatoon
A true wild saskatoon, pic taken after I had picked the ripe ones (sorry!)

Here you can really see the colour difference between the two varieties, as well as the size. 

This was taken before they were cleaned so there is some -maybe not quite ripe ones- floating around in there.

I gave my haul to @ACanadianFoodie. She loves saskatoons way more than I do and I know she'll put them to good use. 

Check out her post, Fresh Saskatoon Berry Tart, for some inspiration! 

Later that evening...

We feasted on PORK!

This year we have 8 or so Tamworth Crosses at Baba's farm.  Kristy and Marty have been doing the majority of the work looking after them. 

They're all fat, happy and healthy :)
(the pigs that is)

Calvin releasing the roast

Kristy carving the roast beast

Simple is best, pork on a bun with honey mustard sauce

A delicious meal all 'round and not much left at the end of the night... 

While it wasn't cooked the way I would've done it, it was still super delicious and lots of fun to do!
Maybe next year I'll get to man the grill for the day ;)

Who's coming?

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