Friday, May 14, 2010

Alberta's Boreal, Part1

Images of Alberta's Great Forest

I have this book :)

A quick overview of The Boreal Forest

This is where being a JFW comes in handy... A rich background in everything Boreal.
It's said that a properly trained JFW can out live Macgyver in the Boreal with only their trusty Mora Knife.

As one who has (and will bet money that she still can) started a fire with only a couple of sticks, I can buy that :)

So, before you think that agriculture is the only way to eat local, go a little deeper into the wild of Alberta and see what treasures await you... My next step is to go into my forestry kit and review my foliage knowledge of our great forest... Local "spices" are out there, I just know it!

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