Thursday, May 13, 2010

Every blog has to start somewhere...

My partner and I have been thinking of doing the "100 Mile Diet" for quite some time now. We've always been conscious of where our food comes from, meat and produce especially, so going even more "locavore" seemed like the next logical step.

We've been living in Edmonton for about 4 years now and are just about to move back to our home county of Thorhild (about an hour north of Edmonton). The big move is not only for our personal lifestyle but also because we didn't want to be raising our family in a large city.

September 1st is the due date for our first child, a baby girl! :D

My oldest sister recently moved back to our hometown as well and we're hoping to become more "stay-at-home"ish moms. There's a couple of business plans we've been working on and, of course, they all have to do with... Good, Fresh, Local, Food!

Through this blog I'm hoping to keep other Edmonton-area Localvores informed of what suppliers we've discovered, perhaps arrange Local Markets, Food Exchanges, and who knows what else!

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