Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pesky Squirrels

My beets are missing their tops, my peas have their leaves chewed off, the spinach is missing chunks off their leaves...

And I saw a squirrel in my yard a couple days ago.

I do believe he used my garden as his buffet line.


Not much I can do about it...

Only about half my plants are doing well, the other half are doing ok.
I don't quite get enough sunshine in my backyard, so the beans are alittle thin and the lettuce isn't growing as fast as it should.

But the potatoes are super tall! And my tomatoes have beautiful green fruits hanging from their branches :D

Waiting for sunshine...

Which we should get this weekend.


- Deb

(UPDATE! I have since learned that there are mice feasting in my little garden as well... but that's ok. they eat the weeds too :) )

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