Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Fresh Butter and Cream, PLEASE!

My mother and I made our way down to the Salisbury Greenhouse Farmer's Market yesterday evening to enjoy the products of Johnson Family Farm (Bonnyville).
She picked up a litre of cream for her mom (my Baba :) ) and I skipped all the way home with butter and cream in tow. They also had eggs and cottage cheese and buttermilk and a whole bunch of other goodies that I unfortunately didn't have time to go through as we had to rush back to the city so Mom could get to her meeting.

On the Johnson Family Farm business card they have listed: Pork-Meat; Cows-Meat, Cream and Cheese; Turkeys and Chickens-Eggs and Meat; Lamb-Meat.
Definitely worth going back for :)

With my butter I'm sure I'll be greedy and put it on 100mile homemade bread :)
And perhaps make some shortbread cookies. Because there's no other cookie that you can really taste the butter in quite like a shortbread :)

Now the cream... I bought it mainly just to say I found some lol It is pasteurized, which is wonderful. What to make...
Ice cream?
Custard? Pudding? Creme Brulee?
Soup? Chowder?
Make -MORE- butter and then make buttermilk biscuits? Or buttermilk pancakes?? (and then put the fresh butter on them :) )

oh dear.

I think I need more cream... :)


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