Monday, August 1, 2011

Lots to update!

Once again I've fallen behind on updating my blog...

Since my last post we've butchered chickens at my Baba and Gedo's farm (I have pictures but unfortunately haven't gotten them ready yet cuz I'm working on editing wedding pics... paid work before pleasure!),
I signed up for The Organic Box, I'm very excited to receive my first one this coming Thursday!,
and I now have a couple of country Saskatoon bushes and a rhubarb root transplanted into my backyard! :D

I've also managed to keep up with what Kevin Kossowan is posting on his blog. He always has wonderful tales to share of his adventures in Edmonton's local food scene. If I was only so lucky to have all the access he does...


On that thought... I think Zachary and I have managed to fix our finances enough for my to stay home with our daughter! She'll be 1yr at the beginning of September and I would've had to go back to work a couple wks before that.
If you're curious how we're going to do that, here's the plan.
Sell our jeep to my brother (cuts $490 in payments, our insurance goes down to $125ish, and have only one tank of gas to fill)
Sell Zac's truck to his foreman for his daughter ($4500-$5000)
Buy Beth's '98 GMC extended cab 4x4 truck (costs $2500)

Yes, baby and I wouldn't have a vehicle of our own, but does that really matter??? In order for me to stay home and raise my child and tend my small garden and cook good meals that don't come out of a box and sew clothes and finish learning how to knit and the list goes on, I think I'll be just fine with a lifestyle change.

I'm all about lifestyle changes that improve a family's happiness.

Western society as a whole needs to start living within not only our financial means, but by our environmental means as well.

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