Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update on Other Life Adventures

We've been getting The Organic Box (see links in right hand column) for 4wks as of tomorrow. I'm really quite happy with it. I get to choose what I want and add in wonderful things like cheeses and yogurt and breads.
It's perfect for meal planning because I know what's coming into the house and it helps keep my grocery bill on budget because I'm not going to a store every week (or twice a week) to pick up this that or the other thing and then leaving with 4 bags :(

We're eating better and spending less by not being sucked in by the grocery store.

I've recommended it to a couple of my friends and I hope they try it out and find that it works well for them :)

My hubby and I have made a big lifestyle change this past week. We sold our Jeep (the vehicle I drove) to my brother. That means we cut enough expenses from our monthly budget that I can stay home and raise our little girl :D

Londyn will be a year old in less than 2wks and I would've had to been back at work already. Missing out on her walking around and feeding her oatmeal and raspberries in the morning and all those wonderful things :)

It's a huge change, not being able to just pack up during the day and drive off somewhere. I have to plan appts around when Zac can be home to take us or one of my family members. Londyn and I just can't take off to visit Grannie and Papa for the weekend if Zac is working.
But that's nothing compared to being able to stay home with my baby.

As a friend of mine was fond of saying, "I need the car for work, I work to pay for the car."

If I don't work, I don't need the car. Perfect :)

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