Friday, June 10, 2011

Mushrooms and RoseRidge on Global!

Had the mycology course at the Devonian Gardens a couple weeks ago (yes, I'm behind on my blogging) and it was quite informative (as all courses should be).
We learned how to use our books to id mushrooms, which species are mostly likely to be edible and which ones in our area which can be easily identified by viewable physical characteristics only.

REMEMBER! Only consume a mushroom when ALL the characteristics match! very important.

One of the biggest things I learned was the "Brown Tops" that we collect out at the farm when spring is wet and hot (above 20C for more than a couple days with lots of moisture) aren't Brown Morels. They're Verpas. Which are similar to morels, in look and taste, and yes, are a tasty edible mushroom :)

Mike, our instructor, teaches a Spring Summer and Fall course every year and they ALWAYS fill up. If you're interested in forging, be sure to sign up fast! It's definitely worth it :)

In local news, Nelson Boychuck of Rose Ridge Land and Cattle (link on right hand side) was in an "Eating Local" segment on Global News Edmonton this evening.
I'm so proud of him!!! Of course, now my -not so secret- supplier of great local beef and grains and eggs, etc has been let loose on the world!
But I know he can handle it ;)

Way ta-go Nelson!

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